Examples of our successful solutions

GPS vehicle and machine monitoring

GPS real-time monitoring is the original product in the market, successfully used by a lot of satisfied clients. What are the benefits of GPS vehicle monitoring?

  • Vehicle operating costs reduced up to 30 %
  • Investment will be returned in 3 months
  • No unnecessary paperwork
  • Route planning will be more effective
  • Work productivity of your employees will increase
  • You will obtain the supervision and security of the fleet

Save the money and make business more effective thanks to the GPS vehicle monitoring.

GSM terminal with thermal printer

If you are interested in selling recharge coupons of all mobile operators in your operation, get the electronic on-line GSM terminal. It serves as an individual unit, which sends the request for the generation of the original recharge code and subsequently prints the corresponding image of the ordinary recharge coupon available. The client can also top up his phone number credit directly from this terminal.

What are the benefits of GSM terminal with thermal printer?

  • All available coupons constantly at your disposal
  • Save the costs for coupon order and logistics
  • No need to buy coupons in advance and no need to have your money in form of goods


Rollfit is an advanced massage device that accelerates metabolism. Euromoney Monitoring partnered with Rollfit on product development and development of control system tailor-made for this device.